SMWS 127.39 ‘Intensely Tasty’ (Port Charlotte 11 year old)

Not long ago I reviewed two other SMWS PCs – 127.37 ‘Dinosaurs dancing to Stravinsky (which was EPIC) and 127.40  –  Mango chicken vindaloo, which again was excellent. It’s quite clear I am fond of young PCs, and I wonder how this one will going to be when we compare it to those two monsters. At 11 years old and aged in a Refill Sherry Butt , bottled at 66.7% this is not going to be a delicate dram, is it?

SMWS 127.39 Intensely Tasty  , 11 yo  , 66.7% , 579 bottles12739

Nose: starts very laddie like with the signature lactic or baby vomit, if you will.. Also lemony tarry and earthy , sort of like lime cocktail , and sweet sugary note too but the peat. Oh the peat. It’s there. And it’s intense. This is a roaring PC alright. Like! Some varnish and pepper too.

Palate: it’s a monster as you come to expect from young PC. Starts very sweet with lots of barley sugars then kicks you in the face with the whole shebang: peat. Oil. Tar. Spot. Smoke. Pepper. Hint if kippers, and BBQ meat. Ash.

Finish: sweet apt hen getting bitter mocha. Espresso. Some fig and marinated pork. Tar and again some kippers.

This is a lovely example of a young refill sherry PC. Nice signature PC notes, not a lot of sherry influence, but some sweetness of course, with the signature Tar, oil and ashy pepper. SMWS do sell those for a relatively good price, better snatch them when they are out (this one is from a previous batch, so all sold out months ago, sorry.)

Score: 89/100

Image : WhiskyBase

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