The New Glendronach The ‘Hielan’ (Or Where is my Sherry?)

The great Glendronach core lineup has been expanded recently to include a young sibling by the name if ‘Hielan’. It is only 8 years of age, and as opposed to most GD offerings, is a combination of both Ex-bourbon and Ex-Sherry casks (I suspect more ex-Bourbon is used).  if we’re talking younger GDs there is also the Octarine which is available only in some markets, but as you can imagine from the color of the Octarine (reviewed here a quite some time ago : here), that vatting included more sherry than the Hielan.

Let’s try this , shall we?


GlenDronach The Hielan , 46.0% , £32 / €34,99glendronach-8-year-old-the-hielan-whisky

Nose: Quite sweet and creamy with vanilla, sweet wood, raisins, some golden syrup, and spice. more wood than i would have imagined from a 8 yo.. not bad necessarily, but it’s there… quite malty too, also fresher than most other GD’s not a lot of sherry influence here…

Palate: Peppery and malty, with quite some malt cereals, toffee and toasted wood. ginger, biscuits, chocolate mousse , butter and oats. bitter sweet.

Finish:  Oak, drier, pepper and ginger, with some herbal notes.



A nice, but not too complex, sweet, yet mostly on vanilla and cereals… not a REAL GD in the flesh..  at least for me GD means : sherry, and here this is not a really sherry centric sort of dram. where’s my sherry?


Score: 81/100


Available at Master of Malt for £32 , and at Whiskysite for a great price of €34,99.


Official sample provided by Glendronach.

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