Glen Keith 1970 (Malts of Scotland), Rel 2011.

Another older samples from an Epic bottle share by Sjoerd I’ve held back tasting quite a lot of time for some reason. I‘ve not had a lot of Glen Keith, but those I’ve had were rather nice, and this 1970 edition seems to have gotten good reviews. at the time it used to cost a bit under 200 EUR, with current prices (and most chances all is gone by now), I’d imagine it would fetch quite a lot more..

Glen Keith 40 yo 1970 47,9%, Malts of Scotland 2011, bourbon hogshead #6042glen_keith_1970_40_yo_malts_of_scotland_47-9_bourbon_hogshead_6042

Nose: light spices on first sniff,then a lovely mix of ripe fruit up front: Apple, pineapple, tangerine, kiwi , banana and nuts. a real fiesta of fruity delights. Further nosing reveals honey and golden syrup, some coconut and vanilla pods. There’s some old wood too but not too much, which is rather surprising considering it’s older than me.. Anyways, there is some wood which is just enough to complement the fruit. A brilliant nose – Really awesome stuff.

Palate: Yummy wood on top of the exotic fruit basket. Banana nut ice cream. Pineapple. Apricot. Vanilla and golden syrup. Sweet and hedonistic. more Ripe fruit, I’m not sure I can pinpoint, with some  Cinnamon and Coconut. Pepper and ginger with a hint of guava mint.

Finish: Fruity. Sweet. Dry oak. Nuts, and that Guava mint note, that is totally awesome.

Bottom line:

This is an epic dram, packed with amazing depth of fruity delights, honeyed and fragrant, you can nose and sample this for hours. Complex, Fresh, not to oaky, and at its prime! Too bad I’ve waited two years to sample it, otherwise I’m sure I would have looked around for a bottle.Timing is everything, as they say. You chose well, mate.

Score: 92/100

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