The new Port Charlotte PC 12 (Travel Retail) – Review

I can’t believe Port Charlotte 12 is out, It seems like yesterday when the baby PC5 came out, and it was HUGE. This toddler is now a teenager, and I am loving the way it developed over the years. This is the oldest PC EVER (there are a few Indie PC of the same age).

Yesterday’s Octomore TR edition (7.2) proved to be a lovely peat monster, fruity and delicious, and today we’re visiting it’s “little brother” (in terms of peat) the PC 12. This is the second PC which is Travel Retail only after the brilliant PC11 I reviewed last year (here), will this deliver the same quality as last year’s Port Charlotte edition?

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 12, “Oilenach furachail” , 58.7%PC12

Nose: Surprisingly mature with lots of damp and older wood notes. Almost like being in a whisky warehouse the old dunnage type. Citrus fruit galore too and smoke as well as dampy peat. Pepper and hot cinnamon. A hint of tar and sweet figs and dates paste . But, again the wood is quite dominant in a good way..

Palate: Big, sweet and spicy entry:  A lot of wood smoke, with bits of BBQ meat in chilly  & Hot cinnamon marinade. Burnt sugar. Lemon peel and oak. It’s fierce yet reassuringly sweet and lively.

Finish: Smoke. Bacon. Smoky lemons. Tar. Ash. Cocoa powder and peat.


This is a very different PC than I had anticipated, it seems the wood plays first violin here, and compare to PC11 it has got a lot of wood aromas, which I find appealing. It’s not as Lactic as other PC felt, and the nose is less smoky. It’s more restrained in a away, and more refined (nose wise). The palate is just as kicking as one would expect from a PC, and it’s quite complex too. If you’re looking for maturity, this is your pick for sure! If you’re looking for beasty peat and a fierce nose and palate, I think you better opt for the younger PCs (PC11 being a good option). Not sure about pricing yet. Good stuff, It seems PC has come of age.

Score: 90/100

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