SMWS 127.37 ‘Dinosaurs dancing to Stravinsky’ port Charlotte 9 yo – Review

It’s Winter, and the night are quite cool, as cool as they get in our neck of the woods… Yes, It’s not Canada cold (more like Canadian spring), but it’s the perfect time to sit back and127.37 relax with a lovely peat monster. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately, and this wee sample was sitting patiently waiting to get tasted (thank you Tom!).

SMWS 127.37 ‘Dinosaurs dancing to Stravinsky’  , 66.50% abv

Nose: A great nose. Signature port Charlotte from the get go : lactic. That baby vomit profile shines through. Sweet yet punchy with pepper and a huge alcohol  bite. Ash. Cigar humidor and some meaty note too. Port Charlotte if full glory. A bit waxy too and lemony.

Palate: Boom. Pepper attack on entry which then gives way to cigar leaves and cigar smoke. Some sweet marinated meat and a hint of kippers too. Earthy with sweet barley and bandages. Quite medicinal. Then it gets sweeter with smoky plums.

Finish: ash. Plums. Dry oak. Lots of smoke.

One of the better Port Charlottes I’ve had recently (and I’ve had quiet a few). It’s Huge, but it’s also quite complex for a young peat monster. I’d say it’s nicer than some recent OBs… Way to go SMWS. Exceptional stuff!

Score: 91/100

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