Blind Tasting Competition day 16–Glenrothes 6 yo [Adelphi]

Day 16 and we can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel (kidding!) but yes, it’s been a rollercoaster. The dram at hand is a youngish and HUGLEY sherried whisky. My first thought was maybe an Aberlour Abunadh or some other CS young whisky, but since there is no NAS in the competition, We had to look elsewhere. Finally I after some too much deliberation I went for a heavily sherried Ben Nevis, which was a viable option, sadly very wrong. 0 punten!! (0 points). oh well. you win some, you loose some.

What the dram really was is a : 6 yo Glenrothes!!! goddamn. I’ve had tons of ON Glenrothes and some IB, and never had such a young monstrous sherry bomb from GR. What is even more comic, is that i’ve discussed this bottle with a friend, who wanted to buy it, but I’ve never tasted it. Oh well, you live and learn. let’s taste, shall we?

Glenrothes 6yo, 2007-2014, 66.8%, Adelphi (for Whisky Import Nederland 10th anni.)GR_adelphi

Nose: Big big sherry with a capital B.  Alcohol wise it’s also a monster, 60%s for sure, this is one hell of a dram! It’s quite meaty, and spicy (chilly, pepper, cinnamon gum), but also fruity with a tiny hint of spent matches.

Palate: Boom! It’s hot and spicy, and the alcohol bite is HUGE. This is not a dram for those who appreciate light and complex whiskies, it’s in your face kind of a dram. Dried fruit galore, sherry colossus, sweet sugary stuff going on too. It’s a winter warmer for sure. I fancy that.

Finish: Dried fruit, leather and spices.

This is a Glenrothes from another world. I wish some OB Glenrothes would be a bit like that (Only a bit, yea?), since more is over the top. This is a yummy dram, and something to really look for if you’re a fan of big, bold, sherry monsters.I use to love that profile, but I find myself less and less attracted to monster drams these days.

highly recommended for people who think Glenrothes make anaemic drams.

Score: 85/100

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