Blind tasting competition Day 12–Glen Keith 1992-2013 [TWA]

After 0 points in day 12, It’s time to score a few points, or so I thought. Obviously It can not be a Highland, and I was really debating between a Speyside and Arran. Today’s dram had a lot of sherry, and some peat (so i thought) , but again I could not place that anywhere, on the arran spectrum, so I decide to go for another Speyside Namely a Benriach. I knew it would match a younger maybe slightly peated , which turned out to be quite wrong, as this dram is 22 yo, and the ABV is high but not as high as I thought (55). Oh well, another 20 points leading me nowhere really (I am in 19th place). sliding down. slowly… oh well.

Anyways, to make a long story shorter, this turned out to be a Glen Keith. Not had many GK before (have a couple to taste i never got to). but here are my notes for this lovely dram:glenkeith92

Glen Keith, 20 yo, 49.2% abv, The Whisky Agency (The Perfect Dram Joint bottling with Acla da Fans)

Nose: A big big sherry dominated nose, really a beauty. The whole nine yards with the dried fruit, sultana, fig and date, but some damp oak too, which might hint to age…  I am sensing some smoke too here. shoot me.

Palate: BIG abv going on here, 50’s I think. with a lot of sherry, which is no surprise, some salted caramel, and sugary backbone with a nice oaky balance to it all. good stuff.

Finish: Long, sherry, dried fruit, oak.

All in all this is a cracking dram! sherry galore, a bit of caramel and a slightly smoky feeling to it too. I like it very very much, much more than previous days!

Score: 89/100


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