Usquebaugh Society – Blind Tasting Competition 2014

The Usquebaugh Society is a Dutch whisky society, I was introduced to by Sjoerd (and other good whisky friends). Sjoerd is a good friend (and a fellow blogger, check out his nice blog – in English), and as I was following doing the competition in previous years, I found the idea interesting, and asked to participate this year. I am happy to be on board (with other two fellow Israeli whisky lovers- Shai and Yaov). The idea is that you pay and get 18 drams, all scotch, no other information. You have to guess the distillery, age and abv% of the sample each day, and post the guesses on the society’s site, together with the rest of the Dutch, Belgian and other participants. The dram is revealed at around midnight, and the morning after you can see what an utter fool you made of yourself guessing 🙂

I have a good record of embarrassing myself with silly blind competitions, so I don’t mind another one, and it’s all for fun, and to keep us occupied until XMAS (ok, we don’t have XMAS here, and no real winter too, but one can act as if…)

So, the next couple of weeks are going to be packed with tasting notes of those 18 samples, hoping for some real crackers, and not to be in last place…. oh well.

Again, many thanks to Sjoerd DHK for helping us with the competition, signing us in, and translating all sort of Dutch instructions, and walking us through this competition.  Today is dram #1, and notes will be online tomorrow, as well as my guess (as silly as it might be).


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