More Mackmyra for the Holidays: Moment Malström

Another rich and interesting dram today, for the holiday season by the name of Malstrom. Malstrom means whirlpool in swedish , and this expression also was aged in an intersting combo of casks : mainly small 30 Litre  casks -Swedish Oak, American Oak, 1st fill Sherry and 1st fill Bourbon. Smaller casks mean more wood interaction and more flavours in shorter time.

Mackmyra Moment Malström, 46.4% abvmalstrom

Nose: Fruity and displaying the Mackmyra DNA quite clearly, with some berries (not as many as the Midvinter, mind you), butterscotch and vanilla old school candy, and a nice amount of wood, wood spices. A good starting point, now let’s go where the palate will take us…

Palate: Starts with salt and pepper, what an interesting combination. then the malty sweet notes kick in to give the salty notes a fight, and this creates a nice interplay. further chewing reveals fruit and some smoke too which is rather surprising.

Finish: dry and salty, with a malty feeling to it, as well as pepper and sweet fruit.


A real storm this one is, with all sort of notes, sweet, savoury, salty, smoky. Interesting, yet not focused enough, but highly drinkable I might add. For the adventurous single malt drinker. Skal!

Score: 84/100

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