Tasting Mackmyra Midvinter

This week I will be tasting some Mackmyra whisky, I felt i had to wait a bit until the climate got cooler to taste the Swedish delights of Mackmyra, and I believe (for me) it was a smart move. The first dram I am going to review is called Midvinter which means “Mid-Winter” (Swedish is rather similar to english sometimes, eh?). This is a NAS whisky basically and was finished in French Bordeaux casks, Glühwine (mulled wine as we call it here) casks and sherry casks. Released December 2013.

Mackmyra Midvinter, NAS, 46.1% abv, £55mackmyra-midvinter-whisky

Nose: very sweet indeed. With lots of spice. Some dried coconut bits. Fruity notes galore too with red berries , cherries and raspberry. All that is engulfed in big red wine tannins , vanilla pods and cinnamon sticks. Nom.

Palate: quite creamy and sweet with buttery wood. Chocolaty and thick with spices and caramel , those red fruit with the addition of caramelized Apple. Really smooth and hedonistic with XMAS written all over.

Finish: long and keeps on giving. Chocolate Bon-bons filled with butterscotch. Red fruit. Not so much wine effect. Buttery vanilla. Oh my. Class act.

Bottom line:

A really great rich sweet dram. If this isn’t exactly what you need for mid-winter I don’t know what’s Gona do it for you. Well priced for a Mackmyra, and good stuff. Big like, and a great XMAS whisky if you’re shopping for one for yourself or as a gift.

Score: 85/100

Official sample provided by Mackmyra whisky

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