Port Charlotte 12 year old–The Maltman

Been a while since I tasted a new cask from the Maltman, and every time it’s fun with this cool little IB. Port Charlotte, I love Port Charlotte, and this is the oldest PC I’ve tasted to date, it’s the oldest around I think. PC11 OB was brilliant, so how is one more year and a different cask will affect the liquid? This baby was distilled  December 2001 and bottled May 2014…

Port Charlotte 12 yo, 52.4% , cask # 846 (269 btl)port charlotte12

Nose: bacon. We’re in bacon county! And I’m loving it. I. Getting some of the dairy sweetness too we often find in malts Distilled at bruichladdich. A hint of Kanafeh and malty sweetness in addition to a lot of smoke. Classic stuff.

Palate : Warm and fuzzy smoke. With the malty sweetness showing nicely underneath. Pepper and wood with more peat and cured bacon.

Finish: Sweet malty goodness on top of smoke and crushed coffee beans. Mocha.

A cracking little dram this one is… Not so little in fact, it’s very peaty, yet malty, and shows maturity. It’s not a youngster anymore, it’s getting close to the teens. I’d love a bottle of this. Sadly it’s not easy to spot, maybe outside the UK it’s easier…

Go grab one, you know you want it.

Score: 90/100

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  1. My full endorsement if its anything like my private cask (distilled Dec 6, 2001 and bottled Feb 20th, 2014, aged in bourbon – switched into a new bourbon barrel in late 2012 at Jim McEwan’s recommendation to enhance color of an already fabulous whiskey)

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