Whisky News & PR–Friday 19th, September 2014

The Ardmore unveils The Ardmore Legacy


The Ardmore distillery has just launched The Ardmore Legacy, a lightly peated Highland single malt to be distributed by Maxxium UK.

The Ardmore Legacy continues the distillery’s history of producing the only traditionally peated Highland single malt whisky and will replace Ardmore Traditional Cask as its core expression.

A lightly peated, sweet dram, The Ardmore Legacy offers the ideal introduction to peated single malts.  Combining notes of creamy vanilla, smoky charcoal, sweet honey and savoury spices with a pleasant smoky taste, The Ardmore Legacy is a full-bodied and smooth dram with the typical Ardmore dry, spicy and long-lasting finish.

The expression also brings a new premium look for the brand with its eagle icon firmly at the heart of the packaging design.  The bottle label and outer tube feature a splendid copper foil eagle in full flight, acknowledging their rare golden eagle neighbours and representing an adherence to tradition.  The eye-catching monochrome backdrop encompasses a map design conveying the distillery’s Speyside location and heritage.

Peter Sandstrom, Marketing Director, Maxxium UK said: “This is an exciting new expression from TheArdmore offering an exceptional Highland single malt with broad appeal.  As the only traditionally peated Highland single malt, The Ardmore Legacy has real stand out.  It is ideal for whisky drinkers looking for something new and is also the perfect introduction for any whisky drinkers beginning their journey into peated malts.”

The eagle has long played a key role in the brand’s history with rare golden eagles often seen riding the thermals above the distillery.  The Ardmore supports these birds in partnership with the RSPB, most recently with the reintroduction of the white tailed eagle, a cousin of the golden eagle.

Distilled in Speyside, The Ardmore single malt has continued its traditional ways since the distillery was founded in 1898, combining traditional methods with the very best craftsmanship to produce award winning single malt whisky.

The Ardmore Legacy (RRP £29.99) will be available to purchase at Tesco and Morrisons as well as select specialist whisky retailers from the beginning of October.

Maverick Drinks:The World’s First Educational Range of Whisky Just Got Bigger


Maverick Drinks is proud to announce the release of 9 additions to the world’s first educational whisky range, Reference Series. The range of blended malt whiskies was first launched earlier this year, and showcases the effects of various production techniques and ingredients used to make Scotch.reference1
The initial range of Reference Series comprises three blended malt whiskies which progress from Series I to III with increasing levels of old, rare Scotch in the mix. This shows whisky drinkers the effects of the ageing process – a much-debated topic in the whisky world which can now be understood under more-controlled conditions.
There are now three extensions to the Reference Series: Extension .1, which takes a portion of the blend and finishes it in a fresh 50 litre cask previously used to hold Pedro Ximénez Sherry; Extension .2, which includes 10% heavily peated Islay Single Malt in the blend; and Extension .3, which includes the colouring agent, E150a, aka Spirit Caramel.

You can now sample these extensions against the original range. For example, you can enjoy Reference Series I.1 – the most youthful whisky in the initial range, with a portion of the blend matured in top-quality Pedro Ximénez casks against Reference Series I. Or you could compare it with II.1 or III.1 – whiskies with increasingly high proportions of old, rare Scotch in the mix, with the same percentage of the blend finished in dessert Sherry casks.
This gives whisky lovers the chance to compare the effects of using dessert Sherry maturation. The extensions .2 and .3 will also be available across the initial range, allowing connoisseurs to compare the effects of both the ageing process, as well as either spirit caramel or the addition of peat – a luxury hitherto unavailable for those outside of the whisky industry.

Reference Series I, II and III have been praised by critics and whisky lovers alike. Esteemed blog WhiskyFun.com‘s Serge Valentin, for example, gave glowing reviews of the three whiskies, awarding an impressive 83, 88 and 88 points respectively.
Ask your favourite retailers for the Reference Series whiskies or buy online now from Master of Malt.



Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits is proud to announce the introduction of The Glenrothes Vintage 1992 Single Malt Whisky, 2nd Edition, arriving in the U.S. this October. Aged 10 years longer than the 1st edition, this new release benefits from extra maturation and bottled at a higher strength of 44.3% ABV for greater intensity and richer character.

In 2004, when the first Vintage 1992 was released, the then Glenrothes Malt Master John Ramsay selected the casks he deemed at their best, but left some casks to mature longer. Current Malt Master Gordon Motion has maintained a close eye and nose on the casks and determined that, 10 years later, the 2nd edition of Vintage 1992 is ready to enjoy. Non-chill-filtered and natural in colour, Vintage 1992, 2nd Edition, is aged in a mixture of refilled Sherry Butts and American ex-Bourbon Hogsheads.

“This edition of the Vintage 1992 is definitely an uplifting, conversational style,” says Ronnie Cox, Brand Heritage Director at Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits. “The original 1992 was more formal and austere; here we have a confident, but altogether more ‘come-hither’ expression. This edition is the first Glenrothes Vintage comprised entirely of whisky aged in refill casks, allowing the true Glenrothes character to come through.”

The Glenrothes Vintage 1992 will initially launch in the USA in October with RRP of $249.99. From 2015 it will become available in other markets priced at £175 / €215.

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