Tasting the brand new Old Pulteney 35 year old

I am still remembering the day I tasted the OP 40 about a year and a half ago, it was that good. So when I got the PR for the new 35 year old I know this is something I have to try too, as it’s going to rock.  Only 450 cases of this outstanding single malt were  rolled out to global markets with a retail price of £500 per bottle, non-chill filtered at 42.5% ABV. The whisky was released a couple of months ago, but it was well worth the wait. What’s also interesting is another attack of Mini bottle collectors who were willing to offer me most kind of bribe known to mankind, one even went one step further as to offer me a FULL bottle of this in return for 2 or 3 minis… Insane. Of course, I will not do such a thing, and the sample bottle was destroyed, smashed to pieces as not to allow for any forgery or hanky panky of any sort.

Old Pulteney 35 Year Old , 42.5%, £485Old Pulteney Low Res Standard Pack Shot

Nose: starts off quite sweet yet spicy with honey , wood spices, really old wooden benches and fruit(grapes, peaches) . A hint of sugared pineapple. Getting creamy and more toffee like with time.

Palate: Honeycomb and pepper. Grapefruit, and sultanas in rich syrup. Wood and mint with a touch of exotic fruit compote. Mouth watering with pralines filled with nuts and bits of sea salt on top . Some  old lacquer. Very impressive.

Finish : chocolate mousse sprinkled with dried fruit( sultana and dates)  and rum.


This is a belter. a cracker. awesome stuff <add  any random awesomeness adjective>. If you’re rich enough to afford one, get it. Do not think twice, it’s one of the better 30 plus  year old OBs out there.

Score: 93/100

official sample provided by the Pulteney distillery

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