Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Barrel Proof

If you’re a Bourbon or whiskey fan, you’ve probably tried the 12 year old Elijah Craig, whic is brilliant and very well priced IMHO. This version however is a bit different – a limited release Small Batch, twelve year old bottled at Barrel Proof and without chill filtering, preserving the natural flavours produced during the aging process.  It’s just like sipping the nectar from a cask, at a whopping 67.1% ABV !! (this is the Stagg Jr. sort of version by EC, if you will). This used to be a distillery only bottling, but it’s now sold in shops (if you can get it let me know where).

Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Barrel Proof , 67.1% ABV  , £66elijah-craig-12-year-old-barrel-proof-whiskey

Nose: Lovely ,sweet and dark. Lots of sugar, caramel and some toffee. Black tea , or rather smoky black tea. Chocolate.

Palate:  Starts sweet and savoury with the black smoky tea notes we got earlier by nosing. Demerara sugar. Chocolate. Mint. Pepper. Earth. Varnish. Big and quite complex. Excellent mouthfeel and amazingly drinkable eve at that strength. Impressive.

Finish: Cinnamon. Pepper. Chocolate. Nutty. Varnish. Acetone. Caramel candy.

In a word: Damn!

In a few more : Wow. this is a brilliant example of a well made Bourbon, it’s HUGE. ABV wise and flavour wise. It’s very drinkable when you take into account it’s almost at 70% ABV… Price wise i am sure you can get it for much cheaper in the US, and frankly, I’d get me a few bottles of this, without a blink of the eye. It maybe is not an “old” and rare bourbon, but wo said a bourbon has to be old to be spectacular? This one is. It’s much nicer than the Stagg Jr too.

Many thanks to Sjoerd for picking this up for his bottle share. I’m impressed.

Score: 90/100

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  1. Yeah, this is great stuff. We should get a couple different batches and do comparisons. Just because we can.

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