Liquid History: Glen Grant 1948 , 66 yo, by G&M [Wealth Solutions]


My good whisky friend Shai always claims I prefer to review unicorn tears as he calls them, meaning very old and rare drams. Most times, I tend to disagree, as I try to post many available and not ultra rare and extremely expensive whisky  tasting reviews, but this time I could not resist , and frankly It’s really a one in a lifetime occasion, so why not?

A few weeks ago Wealth Solutions (Wealth Solutions was established in 2007 with a mission to provide unique products for Polish collectors. The company was created by real enthusiasts of exceptional goods such as fine Bordeaux wines, top quality whisky, and art.) released this extraordinary whisky, distilled in 1948, the same year the state of Israel was given its independence from the UK. They have released some other amazing drams I’ve reviewed here ( like that 1953 Glenfarclas ,or the 1964 karuizawa), but this one is their oldest whisky Yet. Price of the bottle was not even disclosed  (if you need to ask how much it costs, then you can’t really afford id, can you?). Distilled in 1948, cask number 1369 was bottled 66 years later in 2014 at cask strength (46.6%), at natural colour and is non-chillfiltered. Shall we have a taster?

Glen Grant 1948 , 66 yo, [G&M] , Undisclosed price

Nose: Oh yea that’s the real deal. Old benches, Bookshelves and that old old and I mean old wood varnish feeling you get on such drams. I just love that profile. Mint. A hint of papaya and a a bit of  earthy smokiness. Spiced wood kind of smoke. Candied pineapple. Cardamom and the faintest hint of balsamic. Yessir. Divine.

Palate: Starts fruity, with Pineapple. Big time. Coconut and some more  orchard fruit ( peach, plum) smoky nuts , spices and loads of dry seasoned wood. Majestic. Getting bitter espresso with cardamom towards the end. As dry as they get.

Finish: Very dry. Fruit. Double espresso. Crushed Ethiopian coffee beans. Lots of wood and wood varnish.

Bottom line:

It’s superb. It’s divine. It’s excellent, and yes it’s woody. not too woody (for me that is). This is an EPIC dram. Can’t really describe in words the feeling you get when you’re given the chance of trying something so old from back then. I really don’t know how many of those bottles are EVER going to get opened and enjoyed, but I sure hope that the rich people who got to buy them will be smart enough as to enjoy them, and not only hang to them as an investment. They are worth drinking, and they should be enjoyed. Maybe not THE BEST dram I’ve tried, but pretty close to that.

Score: 95/100

Many thanks to the guys at Wealth Solutions for this sample.Much obliged.

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  1. I’m keeping my sample for the weekend. Very much looking forward to it. I’m also trying to plan an evening with my father in law who can give me some cognac education before trying that sample!

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