The Glenlivet Nàdurra Oloroso Cask

I know a lot of people love the Glenlivet Nadurra (Gaelic : for nature). For some reason I’ve never fell in love with that expression. I won’t say it’s not good, since it’s a good ex-bourbon whisky at a lovely strength, etc. But, we never hit it off me and Nadurra, i mean. The new Oloroso Cask matured Nadurra promises something new, with the Oloroso cask maturation rather than the classic ex-Bourbon profile, it should be different, right? So i took it for a spin, to try and see how good and how different it really is from the original Nadurra, well…  here are my notes:


The Glenlivet Nàdurra Oloroso Cask , 48% abv , NAS , £49.99

Nose: A really surprising nose, with quite a bit of orange and even lemon notes, fruity too with peaches and sweet with dried fruit :sultanas and candied ginger, cinnamon and some dirty spent matches notes (sulphur if you insist). sweet vanilla and oak too, with lovely barley sugars. Giving it some time in the glass (as you should) produces some more orange marmalade notes, with a hint of clove.

Palate: A hot and spicy entry, quite dry too, with a chilly / peppery tang. then it gets sweeter with the sherry, and dried apricot (Leder), milk chocolate filled with raisins and nuts, mouth coating and very full. a lovely feeling on the palate there, some ginger and orange marmalade as we finish..

Finish: Dry, woody and cinnamon-y.

Bottom line

A lovely dram indeed, It’s NAS (yes i know), but it does not feel young, so that’s a good thing.It’s very different than the Ex-bourbon casks, but very well made. big like. If you plan on travelling internationally soon, It’s really a good whisky to buy at Travel Retail shops, if and really IF the price is right. No pricing details yet, but anything around 60 quid and it’s high on my Duty Free to buy list. My mate Tom just updated me it’s on sale at UK duty free shops for £49.99 / liter. Well priced indeed. It’s definetly a bottle to get. the price point is perfect and it’s not too young.

Score: 88/100

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