Tasting Overeem Whisky Part I

overeem_logo The whisky geeks among you must have heard about Overeem by now as it’s been around for a couple of years, mostly selling down under, but also in the UK in the past few months.I first encountered it when a good Australian friend of mine came over with a nice sample of the port version (43%) which was very good (i shared a sample with friends, and all were very impressed), but for some reason I failed to write proper notes. Overeem managed to send me a few samples of their Sherry and Port finished whisky (both at 43% and at 60%), and this is a good opportunity to finally taste some and write the proper notes. The distillery itself was founded by Casey Overeem, and started production in 2007 , producing small quantities (around 5000) bottles per year, which now grew to around 8,000. The interesting thing is that I’ve heard they get their mash from Lark distillery, and only distil the liquid, but the end product is quite different. Earlier this year Lark distillery purchased the entire Overeem operation (The Old Hobart distillery) , but the Overeem brand is going to stay and not merged into the Lark range. We’re going to start with the Sherry matured casks at 43% then explore the rest of the range later this week. so stay tuned.

Ovreem Sherry matured, 43% abv, £139old-hobart-overeem-sherry-cask-matured-whisky

This whisky was aged in a French Oak Sherry quarter cask, making the whisky interact more with the wood and thus achieving stronger wood and sherry flavours in shorter time.

Nose: nice. Starts sweet and lovely with apple muffins , vanilla ice cream on the side , spiced nectar drenched sultanas and maraschino cherries.

Palate: good mouthfeel , sweet and mouth coating. Sugar. Sultana pinch of cinnamon and black pepper, citrus ( ripe orange and tangerine) and a tiny hint of anise. Inviting. Very drinkable. Too much so if there was ever one.

Finish: sweet dough. Plum. Sultana. Chocolate praline.

Bottom line:

This is a delicious whisky, while young, it does not feel as young, and is quite delicious accessible and more-ish. Highly drinkable, and very very good, although It’s hard to recommend buying it for that price, but I guess it’s supply and demand, and demand is high, and rightly so.

Score: 86/100

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