Kilchoman’s first foray into the Travel Retail market : The ‘Coull Point’

It was only a matter of time until this happened, and does not really come at a surprise to anyone who’s been monitoring the whisky scene, A NAS for the travel retail. There you have it, Kilchoman also wants in, and the TR market has its own rules, basically, cheap NAS at higher prices due to the price pressure of the travel retail market (see my post for more info and comments). I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but with so many other whisky makers having a presence in travel retail, why not Kilchoman? so here it is. Basically all Kilchomans are young (as their oldest year statement whisky is 6 year old now), so I would not think this is much different from say other releases, but still this is available only on the duty-free shops across the UK for £44.99. If you wondered what Coull Point means, it’s basically is a rugged headland just half a mile north of Machir Bay (on Islay).

Now, let’s taste some of it shall we?

Kilchoman Coull Point, NAS, £44.99 Coull Point

Nose: sweet peat. Young and sweet. With pear and apple crumble. Banana vanilla and soot. Dirty and sweet and enchanting at the same time.

Palate: Sweet N’ spicy. Chilly and sweet peat with cinnamon. Vanilla. Getting bitter earthy and sooty after a few seconds in your mouth. Leather. Classic young Kilchoman.

Finish: bitter earthy peat. Coffee. Smoke.

A lovely dram. Classic Kilchoman, young fruity, but then also ashy and sooty with sweet peat and some banana and vanilla ice cream. Not the best of all Kilchomans (i think the 2007 vintage is the winner), but a very enjoyable dram indeed. AS for pricing I know 45 quid for NAS is not cheap, but with current prices this is in par, and truly enjoyable. Kilchoman fans, grab one if you can.

Score: 84/100

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