Glendronach 1985 Cask # 1035 PX Puncheon 27 yo

This is the first cask I am tasting from Batch #9 of single casks released last December (full story here). No reason why I started with the 1985 but I had a feeling this is going to be a good one, and boy was I right (not that there are any bad GD single casks).  Distilled 13/12/85 bottled at 53.7% from cask 1035. Seems to be sold out now, so good luck trying to find one (If you do, let me know).

Glendronach 1985 Cask # 1035 PX Puncheon 27 yo GD1985

Nose : Lovely smoked sherry influence. Yes smoke. dried fruit salad , balsamic, smoked prunes, figs , pepper cinnamon and clove.

Palate: Oh yea!  That wonderful smoky sweet stuff is back , but even more pronounced. Delicious dark and bitter sweet plums , BBQ smoke and oak with a touch of dark chocolate cardamom and Clove.

Finish: Dark chocolate. Oak. Smoke and spices. Drying.

In short: A stunning cask. I just LOVE the smoky plum and sultanas, with the Balsamic and sweetness, with enough oak to balance it, not too sweet, not too oaky and not too dry. I was overwhelmed by how good it was the first time i tasted it, and the second and third sessions were just as good. Tulip shaped glass produced the best results with this one (not a Glencairn)

Brilliant cask. Get one if you can. that’s all I can say here.

Score: 93/100

3 thoughts on “Glendronach 1985 Cask # 1035 PX Puncheon 27 yo

  1. Hi Gal.
    Great blog.
    Serge just gave this Dronach 86p – sounds to me like he didn’t let it breathe.
    Could that be the explanation? I hope so, since I bought a bottle 🙂

    Best Regards


    1. Thanks mate.
      I was really surprised he scored that dram only at 86, since I loved it. maybe needed a breather, or maybe we have different noses and palates. It’s good stuff alright. let me know how you liked it when you pop it.

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