Tasting Port Charlotte PC10

It’s time for an OB Port Charlotte tasting note isnt’t it? the last time I’ve posted such a tasting note it was for the lovely PC7. Since then I’ve tasted the PC9 (no notes, just for fun) and a few indie PCs  (here and here ) which were crackers. I love this profile of highly peated Laddie, one notch before Octomore. only 6,000 bottles ever release, and this sold so fast.

Port Charlotte 10 Year Old Heavily Peated , 59,8%bruichladdich-pc10-2012

Nose:  Aye. We’re in Islay Time zone here. Definitely. Starts of with a big load of peat, ash and some baby vomit. Burnt leaves. Medicinal. Bandages. Kerosene. Wet rope. Tar. It has got it all. Pine needles and iodine too. Oh my. God.

Palate: damn! Quite ashy. Big peat pepper and tobacco. Chewable bandages and peppery heat. Salty caramel biscuits. Leather.

Finish: Warming. Long. Ash. Peat. Salt.

A belter of a dram, with all the goodness Islay has to offer, without being too rubbery etc. If you dig Medicinal peat monsters, this is a sure bet. It’s long gone, but if you can find some by miracle at a shop, just buy it. Highly recommended. I think it’s the best PC I’ve had to date.

Score: 90/100

4 thoughts on “Tasting Port Charlotte PC10

  1. Baby vomit? That’s not a tasting note I’m used to…
    Do you mean that in a bad way, or simply describing a slightly-sour-milk-ish aroma?

  2. Wait? Baby vomit and still 90 points?. I’m kind of interested in this one now. I, for some reason, haven’t tasted any new PCs since the An Turas Mor. I think I’ve been missing out…

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