Kintra Whisky Dailuaine 21 yo

It has been a while since I’ve tasted the last batch of Kintra. However, I was lucky enough to have met Erik Molenaar, the man behind the Kintra range at Maltstock last September where he had a wee stand pouring Kintra as well as other brands. I managed to sample a few Kintras I never got to try before, but took no real notes, as I was drinking quite a few drams that day (read : shitloads of whisky). This one I sampled at the comfort of my own home, giving it the attention it well deserves.

Kintra Whisky Dailuaine 21 yo , cask No. 3131, 48.9%,€ 92kintra_dal

Nose:  Fresh cut grass. Mint. Malt. Marzipan and wood. Very interesting nose. Even some cumin, and hints of melon .

Palate: Spicy. Earthy. Ripe orange. Coconut and spicy oak. Melon. Dried fruit and lots of pepper.

Finish: Pepper. Dried fruit. Earth. Melon.

What a lovely combination with the exotic spices, Melon and fruit, sugars and grassy nose. Just like a summer day cooking session. Brilliant. Lovely stuff, and although not cheap, it’s not too expensive.

Score: 89/100

Available from the Whisky Base web shop.

6 thoughts on “Kintra Whisky Dailuaine 21 yo

  1. Sounds lovely. And however you put it, € 92 for a 21 year old single cask is not expensive nowadays. I should keep better track of Kintra…

      1. Kintra is popular/well known by the more experienced whisky lovers in NL (Eric is at almost every whiksy event…), but how many people buy bottles of whisky every week? Not that many…

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