Glenturret 30 yo (The Malt Man)

Been a while since I reviewed a single cask bottling from the Maltman which is a small IB from Glasgow. I’ve previously tasted a few of their single casks, and this has been sitting patiently for review for a few months. Now it’s time. Glenturret is not a distillery I get to taste much, and this is indeed the first GT tasting note on the blog, so basically I had no idea what to expect.

Glenturret 30 yo , cask #258 , 46% ABV , €145Glenturret_30

Nose: A funky nose. Very sweet. Knafe (a middle eastern desert with pastries, cheese and lots of sugar water)  like honey sort of golden syrup , vanilla , sweet dough drenched in sweet honey nectar. Sandalwood. Oh my. Did not expect that.

Palate: Feels less woody than I had expected. Spicier with pepper , spicy wood  and then some golden syrup and spices.

Finish: Sweet wood. Raisin filled chocolate. Honey.

A very sweet dram, really so. A nice after dinner drink I think… Not bad at all even at 46%. For those who like it sweet that might be a nice option.

Score: 88/100

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