Breath of Speyside Adelphi 15 yo 60,2% [Glenfarclas]

You know that Glenfarclas does not permit IB’s to bottle its malt and call it Glenfarclas, so they do find weird names to name their bottles. One amazing (and much older) was the

Glenfarclas Norse Cask 1964 “Rechlerich” I scored at 97/100 (best ever?), This one is also a very nice indie GF, I got from my good whisky friend Tom from the NL at Maltstock last year (yes, 2012. I forgot all about it). This is a nicer 15 year old at a whopping 60.2%. shall we taste?

Breath of Speyside Adelphi 15 yo 60,2% [Glenfarclas] , € 144.00 / £ 122.87Image By Whiskybase

Nose: Thick and spicy. Big sherry notes. Plums. Lots of sugar. Some vanilla. Grape peel , acetone and balsamic. Brilliant. Sherry Colossus. FTW!

Palate: As thick as the nose suggest. Almost chewable. Dates and plum jam. Sultana. Tons of sugar. Spice and nuts. Peppery and some notes of chilly. Caramel with a sprinkle of salt.

Finish: Plum jam. Salt. Chilly. Dried fruit compote.

In short:

Oh my. That is some good ‘Farclas sir! Full strength, complex, sweet, salty, savory, spicy. It has got it all, and so much flavor. Cask strength rocks, and that is a fact. I want a bottle of this. and fast!

Score: 90/100

Many thanks to Tom for this cracker.

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      1. This specific edition is rather old. As in, bottled in 2006, which means it’s long gone I guess. Maybe an auction but they don’t tend to go up that much. Anyway, Breath of… editions usually are pretty good.

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