First notes for 2014: Old Pulteney Navigator

I actually wrote down those notes sometimes last month in a very small and personal OP twitter tasting (I’ve written about before). I was not sure what to expect from this new NAS, as the previous batch of lighthouse NAS OPs were a bit disappointing , way too young and not my cuppa… Anyways, this dram consists of a mix of ex-sherry and bourbon casks in celebration of the distillery’s history with the ocean. NAS, and priced at a higher price than the 12 yo (why?).

Old Pulteney Navigator , 46% , NAS , £46.old-pulteney-navigator-whisky

Nose: Sweet, and creamy with lots of vanilla, dough, some oak, and orchard fruit, very fruity for an OP, and that caught me by surprise. But a nice change! the faintest hint of ginger.

Palate: Again, sweet and creamy with quite a bit of those orchard fruit, and sweet oak, some hints of new make, and chocolate too.

Finish: Spiced oak, ginger, and a hint of salt.

Quite a nice dram actually, very fruity, and not your average OP, but that’s cool. Doesn’t feel as young and spirity as I feared, and actually very drinkable. Why does this NAS need to be priced at almost twice!! (yes twice) as much as the ever so lovely 12 year old? I have no idea. Really I find it hard to recommend this over the 12, at this very high price.  It’s good, but I’ll have  2 bottles of OP 12 over this if you ask me.

Score: 82/100

Thanks to LD of Alembic Comms for the sample

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