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The Glenlivet Vertical (12,15,18 year olds)

livet_rangeTony Soprano loves his Glenlivet 12, and I love Tony soprano, hence I love The Glenlivet 12. Sort of anyways. As the Glenlivet is probably one of the best selling single malts out there (with Glenfiddich) and very well know, It’s only appropriate we have some more of that on the blog. I know we’re posted a guest post reviewing the 12 year old by Shai, quite a long time ago, but since I got Minis of all 3 core range expressions, I decided to taste them in one sitting and see how they differ and which one I like most. Well here we go, starting from 12 to 18.


The Glenlivet 12 yo , 40% , £27

Nose: Apples and pears galore. Some Cider (juice, non alcoholic – think appletiser) ,Green apple peel and some zest.

Vanilla and oak. Pastries

Palate: Oak , toffee cocoa and malt with some cereals and coconut, with the apples on the side.

Finish: Dry bitter toasted oak with cocoa powder and coconut.

The classic 12 year old, very much liked, and not bad as an entry level at that price point. Do not expect a lot of complexity, but a nice apple sort of classic Speyside.

Score: 80/100

the-glenlivet-15-year-old-french-oak-reserve-whiskyThe Glenlivet 15 yo , 40% , £37

This older expression was matured in French Limousin Oak casks(a popular cask used for maturation of Cognac.

Nose: rather acidic with a lot of green apples skins. A touch of sour apple crumble.  Bit of damp wood.

Palate: rounder and richer. Lovely wood and spice. With a peppery tang.

Finish: pepper malt and malt.

This is nicer indeed, and richer than the 12 due to the Limousine casks, Not bad, and not sure it’s Worth the 10 quid price difference, IMHO. Solid stuff, But it does not stand out above other similar drams.

Score: 82/100

The Glenlivet 18 yo , 43% , £50the-glenlivet-18-year-old-whisky

Nose: ah. This is better now. A whiff of smoke to start with. Then some richer dried fruit. Wood.  Sultanas. Sweet sugars. Hint of over ripe banana.

Palate: Yup. This is nice. Sweet honey. Chewy, and mouth coating stuff here (we like) Rich and full of fruit, and sugars. Stewed orchard fruit and mint.

Finish: Bitter dark chocolate. Spicy oak.

Now we’re talking! This is a delicious whisky, and although it costs as much as twice as the 12 year old, this is the real deal. I’d love to sip on this any day, and even though it’s bottled at 43% it’s rich and lovely. Good work by the Livet. Highly recommended. Indeed.

Score: 87/100

Official sample provided By The Glenlivet dist.

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