Canadian Gibson's Headline Tasting Notes

Gibson’s 18 Finest Rare

Time for another cracking Canadian whiskey (many thanks to Johanne and Davin D.K for the introduction and their help with samples) . If you do want more information and background on this one , you need to check out Davin’s Excellent site, which is indeed the best resource for any Canadian whiskey.

Gibson’s 18 Finest Rare , 40% , $ 74.95 (LCBO)gibson's

Nose: Sweet yet spicy. Rye. A dollop of  Vanilla , caramel and toffee. Some wood shavings. With sweet dried fruit; think : prunes.

Palate: Quite spicy with lots of hot cinnamon, rye spiciness with pepper, toffee and vanilla custard. Mouth watering sweetness. With more dried fruit, and a nice mouth feel.

Finish : Again : spicy, with lots of pepper. Sweet spicy Chilly. Wood and rye. Getting dry.

An excellent whiskey no doubt, and even priced at over $70 (40 quid) it’s a steal for an 18 year old. I am not sure how come Canadian whiskey is so cheap (at least in Canada it is).  not sure where you can get this baby outside Canada with all their silly online shipping issues, but if you can, it’s well worth getting.

Score: 88/100

Many thanks to Johanne for this sample

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