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Laphroaig Feis Ile 2013 – Cairdeas Port Wood Edition


Again not been able to make it to Islay for Feis Ile (there is always next year, yes?) , and I’ve bought the last few years Cairdeas’s from the Laphroaig site and liked them (one was stolen from my home the 2010 edition – inside job) a lot, but for some reason i was not sure I wanted to buy one this year. and by the time I’ve decided i might, they were all gone from the site. As it happens quite a lot of people bought more than one bottle, and the entire stock disappeared in 7 hours , which is not very surprising considering it was fairly priced under 50 quid… I was lucky enough to receive a sample from a friend for tasting purposes (and for fun). What you notice first about this dram is the colour : Pink! yes, a pink whisky, mostly thanks to the Port pipes used maturing it. Some would like it (a first Lady’s Laphraoig??) and some would dismiss it as too pink, but underneath it’s a live and kicking Laphroiag, unmistakably

Laphroaig Feis Ile 2013 – Cairdeas Port Wood Edition , 51.30% , Sold out

Nose: A lovely smoke layer on top of fruit: strawberries , berries , raspberries. some blood oranges. Add a zesty lemon on top.

Palate: The Laphraoig peat smoke is here, and it’s Fruity and medicinal at the same time. Again raspberry marmalade Galore!, quite sweet. some chilly peppers, and sprinkle of pepped to finish.

Finish: Dry with peat hints of the Fruit and lots of  Smoke.


This is a nice dram, although I was not overwhelmed. It was way too fruity for me, and all those berries and smoke did not connect well for me. I am sure some people will adore this whisky, if they appreciate peat smoke and berry Jam. Die Hard Laphraoig fans will want a bottle or two (or three). Overall very drinkable, if not very complex. But Fun in its way.

Score: 84/100

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