Sweet 16 Arran style

sweet sixteen posterI love British films almost as much as I love whisky, and when I read about the Arran malt releasing their first EVER 16 year old (OB), Immediately this movie by the genius Ken Loach came into mind. It’s brilliant, so if you haven’t yet checked it out, go and do yourself a favour. pour a dram and watch this one. It’s not an easy film to watch, but it’s brilliant.

Now Arran founded only in 1995 is a pretty young distillery but they sure make lovely whisky, and as far as I am concerned the older their whisky (so far) the better it does, with the 14 being lovely, and the peacock and Rowan tree brilliant, I had very high expectations from this limited edition of 9,000 bottles. It was aged for 16 years in a mixture of bourbon and sherry casks, and is currently available for around £60 from various online sites. let’s taste it then , arran-16-year-old-whiskyshall we?

The Arran Malt 16 Year Old , 46% abv, £66

Nose: So sweet and hedonistic : absolutely fantastic.  Apples in honey. Sweet malt. Apple pie with fresh dough crust. And a bit of chocolate. so perfumed ! As fine as they get, before even trying the palate.

Palate: Lovely sweet nectar: honey. Malt, spiced oak. Candied ginger and then some chocolate covered with caramel and  Crème Brule. Wow.

Finish: Dark chocolate sprinkled with  Raisins and a lovely oaky finish too.

This one is in my opinion the best Arran I have tried to date (I’ve tried quite a few, but not all OBs). If you’re into sweeter malts you are going to LOVE it, but again, if you do not like too much chocoalte honey and sweet notes in your dram, then better look elsewhere. Brilliant after dinner dram that will go great with desert, and Ice cream. Well done. Can’t wait for the 18 yo version. Good work folks.

Score : 89/100

official sample provided by the Arran malt.

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