#12blends–Day 7 – Smokin’ Blended Scotch Whisky

Day 7 was Dramstat’s (Danny Williamson’s) turn to post the whisky he had chosen an interesting and obscure new blended whisky from Duncan Taylor called: Smokin’, The Gentleman’s Dram. Of course, I’ve remotely heard about this one when it was released only a while ago, but never had a sip until day 7. Initially I didn’t pick up the smoke in the smokin’ and that was indeed weird (my nose is not at its best, as i have a wee cold). but after sending my guess, and being totally wrong (Grouse 18, what was i bloody thinking!?) I tried it once more (day later) and picked up a few more notes that are a bit more to the point.

Smokin’ Blended Scotch Whisky , 40% ABV  , £27smokin

Nose: Lots of butterscotch and sweet stuff. Jam and semi sweet chocolate on top of some peat smoke and BBQ.

Palate: candied orange, some oak and whipped cream with vanilla , smoke and tobacco. Finish: dark chocolate. Spice. 3

Finish : Not very long, ending on malty notes.

It’s a fine little blend, but found only one online store selling it currently which is rather weird. Not bad, and thank you Danny for letting us try this new blend. Very educational.

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