#12blends Day 3–Grant’s Ale Cask

Day 3 was upon us, and with it a new Blend sent by Roddy. At first sniff i was helpless, and only after some time gathered myself, and tried to guess what it was. It seemed familiar in some way, and the Grants profile jumped into my head for some reason. Learning from the JW incident (2 days ago), I trusteed my instincts and guessed it was Grant’s, 40% (which was easy, since it felt rather watered down), and NAS. I knew it could not be the 12 yo, since it wasn’t that smoky, and the sherry cask no way, but i do remember the Ale cask to be much gentler without any smoke, and here I did get smoke both on the and palate/finish. (not a lot but some). So, I could not guess the exact expression. Turn’s out it was the Ale cask. What also was rather confusing is that we said “no supermarket drams” and this one is indeed classified as such, although it’s rather nice, but widely available. I did review the Grant’s Ale Cask in the past (see our little tweeter tasting session with Ludo here) , but i will post my new notes, wonder how they will differ. 12.5 points in the bag not bad. let’s hope today’s blend will also be identifiable Winking smile

Grant’s Ale Cask , 40%, £20

Nose: A bit of metal and malt. Shy. Getting a bit sweeter with sprinkle of cinnamon spice. Ripe nectarine. Fairly light.

Palate: Sweet and malty and very gentle.Feels young with a spicy bite. Traces of smoke.

Finish: Bitter,malty with some wee smoke and leather.


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