#12blends Day 2 – Nikka All Malt

Day 2. yes.

This dram was sent courtesy of Sandy Gould (@sjjgo on twitter) who sent a very interesting and delicious dram over :  Nikka All Malt.  I’ve Never had this one myself, but from the nose it was evident to me this is malt whisky and not blended whisky. But which? I had no idea this was Japanese, and although i pondered if it could be Nikka From The Barrel (not this one , but in general among the 12), I never thought of this Nikka when nosing (and how could I?, i never tried it). I did a bit of research on this online and it seem it is made of Yoichi, Miyagikyou and some Coffey still whisky by  at Miyagikyo. Not bad. In the end I only guessed it’s NAS, for some reason I was sure it was above 40%, as it felt so richer.

Nikka All Malt , 40% , NAS , £24.51nikka-all-malt-whisky

Nose : Sweet almost Bourbon-like notes here. banana . Demerara sugar. lovely actually.  some cinnamon too. I like this nose very very much, it feels much richer than the 40% ABV, lovely stuff.

Palate: Sweet with barley , sugar, spices, a little nutty edge, and sherry goodness.

Finish : Dark chocolate, with sweet nectar. a bit of wood, and maple.

This one is a little cracker, and at this price for 70cl it’s a no brainer, It’s something I need and want to have on my shelf. Lovely blending (vatting) of malt. Thank you Sandy, it was a treat!

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