Wemyss Malts Summer Orchard

summer-orchardTime for the third and final single cask from the last batch of casks released by Wemyss only recently (see notes for the other 2).

This one is called Summer Orchard and is a 12 year old from Linkwood distillery, located in Speyside. Not sure why, but this is the first EVER Linkwood that gets reviewed on the blog, so strike out another “to do” on my list. great.

Wemyss Summer Orchard , 12 yo , Linkwood, 46% abv

Nose: Soft vanilla. Wood. Fruit. Pears and apples, which make this dram feel very youthful and young (not in a bad way). On 2nd wave of aromas you get some Nuts and some almonds. It’s really like they say, taking a walking in an orchard during the summer (Not Israeli summer i should hope, too damn hot!).

Palate: The palate is a bit peppery  and malty then we’re  off to fruitier realms with some nice apple cobbler and quite a bit of Butter and soft wood.

Finish : Quite a dry finish here, with the remains of that lovely apple cobbler and a nutty edge to it.

All in all a solid lovely fruity dram, with nuts, and spices. easy to drink, and easy to appreciate.

Score: 84/100

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