Glenfarclas Family Cask 1995 Usquebaugh society NL


Image by : Gert-Jan De Ruiter

While at maltstock, back in September 2012, I sat at a table with few good whisky friends (Sjoerd, and Tom) and some others, and started tasting some samples each brought. Tom had brought quite a few excellent samples, and one of maltstock_samplingwhich was this one. Of course, with so much to taste and drink some were left unopened, and i was given a few samples to try at home (Thank you Tom!). Only last week when it was a bit wet and colder than usual here (not to worry, still nothing like EU weather), i remembered i have a few lovely drams from back then, and sat down to properly taste this lovely sample. It’s a special bottling for the Dutch Usquebaugh society, bottled at CS on April 2011 , and distilled in 1995 making it 16 year old or so.

Glenfarclas Family Cask 1995 57,5%, cask 3771, bottled 28/04/2011) for Usquebaugh Society

Nose: Feels young with quite a lot of dried fruit, apricot jam , ginger, new leather and orange rind. Some butterscotch ,very fresh.

Palate: Lovely big entry with. Lot of ginger , chilly, and spice which in turn transforms into fig and date jam , wood varnish, lots of spices flying in all directions and at cask strength this is a very lively palate. Great young-ish sherry.

Finish : Dough. Sugar. Eggnog and apricot jam.

Lovely sherry dram. I wish i could locate a bottle of this, but it’s very limited and seems Sjoerd wanted to get hold of one, but couldn’t… so..

Score: 88/100

Thank you Tom for this sample!

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  1. This one sold out pretty quickly and at first I was holding back since I wasn’t too thrilled when we selected it. After trying it again though, I regret not buying two when I had the chance!

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