Tasting Greatness : Karuizawa 1983 Noh Cask #7576

The big K : Karuizawa. Highly estimated and not easy to get hold of, since they disappear so fast, and also because they are not cheap, but boy, they are oh so very good. period.

this one is no exception : bottled by #1 Drinks (cheers chaps for the sample) , this one is bottled at CS of 57.2% clearly from a sherry cask, 571 bottles all in all, which are all gone. sadly. If you were wise enough to grab one, then bless you. the bottle is gorgeous too and those Noah masks. very cool.

Karuizawa 1983 / 28 Year Old / Noh Cask #7576 , out of stockKaruizawa 1983 -28 Year Old - Noh Cask #7576

Nose: We start our journey with dark fruit, Coffee beans and lovely Sherry with hints of  Dark chocolate,  Cherries. Leather. Spice and Mint. Rich, thick and not shy at all.

Palate: a Huge entry. Spicy with a lot of tobacco leaves drenched in sherry. Smoke. Black fruit. Earth. Eucalyptus. Dark chocolate and cherry filling.  It’s an orgy of tastes, that keeps on giving and you want more, more and more!

Finish : That chocolate filled with cherry lioqur is back with a vengance.  Meaty. Sugary and some black tea.

So good, i could weep.

Score: 93/100

Official sample provided by #1 Drinks Co.

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4 thoughts on “Tasting Greatness : Karuizawa 1983 Noh Cask #7576

  1. I do not make it a habit of buying ridiculous expensive bottles for myself. However, when I could get a Karuizawa 27 for my birthday. I snagged it immediately. I have no regrets! My most cherished bottle, absolutely sublime.

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