Celebrating 500 posts with Highland Park 40

500So, 500 posts eh? Who would have believed? When I started blogging in English about whisky, I never thought I’d reach 500 posts, and now We’re actually there (and even beyond the 500 mark). How was it you ask? It was sheer fun. Let me tell you It’s not easy posting every few days ( every 2.19 days to be exact), and with work , raising two wonderful wee kids , and life, I’m really surprised I managed to write so many words on one vast topic : Whisky. I could not have gotten to 500 without some good whisky friends all over the world, sending me information, samples, and advice. So, thank you all.

When I was approaching the 500 number I thought about how I would celebrate this landmark, and a few ideas popped into mind, I hope they will come to fruition, but Not yet. The Celebrations and competitions will have to wait until the 3rd birthday of Whisky Israel , coming in about 2 months’ time.

What I was sure I was going to do, was a special tasting session with one special whisky. I was debating with myself, and discussed the issues with the one of the best whisky dudes out there, Ben of Master of Malt, and after some thinking, I decided to go with his advise and to try the Highland Park 40, The only OB Highland park I’ve yet to try. So, thank you Ben for the supporting this idea, and for the wee-Giant dram that is the HP 40.


If you know me well enough, or you’ve been reading this blog for enough time , you are well aware that I am a BIG fan of Highland park distillery : from their entry level 12 to through the amazing 18 year old creation to the 21 and older 25,30 (and even Thor,I liked less due to many reasons) I fell that they make wonderful whiskies, and the sherry, heather smoke and hints of Orkney peat, entice my palace and make me smile. The 40 seems to continue down this path, and is highly recognizable as a Highland park, distilled 40 years or so ago, and aged solely in refill sherry casks, deliver an excellent dram, with the HP signature all over.Enough talk, let’s get dramming.


Highland Park 40 yo , 48.30% ABV , £764

Nose: A stroll down memory lane: old libraries and a lot of wood resin, a surprising note of red grapefruit (but not something I have not sniffed in other older whiskies – I recall one old MOM speysider with this exact aroma) , dark fruits behind all this in addition to  dark chocolate, some pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon, wood  spices galore, and in a very sexy and enticing way.a bit of heather peat , and maybe a hint of heathery peat smoke, Surprisingly earthy and peaty after all those years, but gently so.

Palate: Enter dried dark fruit, dark chocolate, very creamy, with some toffee. kirsch, and blackberries with  in thick liquor.getting more chocolaty with more time on the palate, very mouth coating and rich. a pleasure. slight peat smoke, but very light and heathery.

Finish:Sweet, with a lot of black fruit, sugar, smoke, some traces of plum jam.

So, how is it? It’s brilliant. A step from the 30, in the right direction. not getting over woody with the additional 10 years. Lovely mouth feel with the 48% + ABV, and decadently tasty. Is it that good or do the name and age make it tastier for me? I guess I’ll never know. but this one is an ace. a complete Ace. Is it worth the price jump from the 30? probably not, but it’s a few points better IMHO.

Score: 94/100

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  1. Congratulations Gal from Southern California on your 500th post, a remarkable accomplishment and commitment for a busy young family man like yourself. Here’s looking forward to the next 500!

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