Tasting Perfection : Glenfarclas Norse Cask 1964 “Rechlerich”

rechSome distilleries make consistent wonderful drams and the family owned Glenfarclas is one of them. It’s a favorite of mine as you well know, and making older expressions of perfect sherried malts is what they excel at. Seldom do you find a bad OB ‘Farclas. IB Glenfarclas is not common, and they are never bottled under the Glenfarclas name as the distillery does not allow that. A few months ago, my good whisky friends and Danish gentleman Jorn visited Israel, and when we sat and had a few beers and drams, handed me a wee sample bottle. It did not look special , but when was inside was very special. It was a wee sample of one of the best Sherried malts I was to taste, a 1964 IB by Norse Cask of a cask strength first fill sherry Glenfarclas. Yes.

This Farclas was bottled in 2005 making it 40 years old, and at a cask strength of 53.5 % it’s super thick and wonderful in color. Jorn told me it’s one of the best sherried malts he ever had if not the best, and this coming from a man who knows his malts is no small thing. I was eager to taste it, but for some reason, really got to taste it with the attention it needs last night. It needs its time. You need to sit in perfect silence, nose, sip, and feel the greatness. It really is grand.It’s not on sale anymore, and if you got a bottle , you’re a lucky guy.


Glenfarclas 1964, Norse Cask, 40yo, 53.5 %,€ 990

Nose: Oh yea. Thick. Spicy. Tons of intense dried fruit , crème de menthe. Pine. Burnt sugar and espresso. Wee Balsamic, some cinnamon and old bookshelf wood varnish. Complex, and lovely.

Palate: Mother of god. Intense sherry goodness over here. Thick syrupy mouth coating mélange of dried dates, prunes and raisins. Pepper too and  some sweet chilly powder. Wood resin. Lots of wood spice. Burnt sugar icing with double espresso bitterness. Bitter sweet as life.  Yet rich and almost jelly like in thickness and viscosity.

Sherry colossus!

Finish : dried fruit. Cinnamon rolls. Spice. And chilly.

If you didn’t get this until now: I am in love. This is a majestic sherry whisky. It’s intense, full of flavor,complex, and thick as motor oil. It’s amazing. A great point in whisky history no doubt. It just is.As good as it comes.

Score: 97/100

Many thanks to JP for this wonderful sample.

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7 thoughts on “Tasting Perfection : Glenfarclas Norse Cask 1964 “Rechlerich”

      1. If you´d get offered a bottle for around 900 EUR, consider yourself a lucky man, if you can afford to buy.
        To your information, the last official list price (2 years ago) for the Rechlerich 1964, 40y was around 2.400 EUR.
        And yes: This bottle is among one of the 10 (or maybe 5) best whiskies, that I´ve ever tasted (among at least 2000 different ones to compare).
        Get a bottle, if you can. There might not be much left unconsumed from this fabulous cask. Fortunately I bought a few bottles, when it was still affordable.

        1. This is too much for me at this stage 😉 either kids go to work, or i get a bottle. considering the wee daughter is only 2.5 years of age, she’d better go to day care rather than work…
          if i knew how good it was a few years ago, I’d buy one. but it’s lost. Let’s hope for new future releases.

  1. I have actually 2 bottles of this famous whisky so if anyone would give a descent offer, one of the bottles or even both could be for sale. Location = Sweden.

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