Whisky Newsflash Friday 27th

Two recent whisky releases have arrived into our mailbox, and I thought they were pretty interesting.

Old Pulteney releases WK217 ‘Spectrum’Old Pulteney WK217

Old Pulteney releases the final installment of the boat series – WK217 ‘Spectrum’
Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky, known as The Maritime Malt, has released the
third and final expression of an acclaimed series of single malts related to extraordinary
boats from Wick.The inspiration for the last installment came from WK217 ‘Spectrum’. She
was built in 1920 and went down in local history as one of the first Wick drifters to use a
pioneering method of fishing called Anchor Seine Netting . She was also used during World
War II for harbour service duties.
Old Pulteney WK217 ‘Spectrum’ was distilled and matured at Pulteney, the most northerly
distillery on Scottish mainland. American and Spanish oak ex-sherry butts of exceptional
quality were used in the ageing process. The whisky has not been chill-filtered or artificially
coloured. Old Pulteney WK217 has a premium strength of 46% ABV and is available in 1
litre bottles.
Old Pulteney WK217 ‘Spectrum’ follows the very successful WK499 ‘Isabella Fortuna’ and
WK209 ‘Good Hope’. It is already on sale exclusively at World of Whiskies and World Duty
Free at major airports around the UK. It will eventually become available across travel retail
outlets throughout Europe and Middle East. Recommended retail price in the UK is £39.99.

Wemyss Malts release another batch of single casks70cl-group-5 low res

Wemyss Malts is announced the release of their latest single cask malt
whiskies.  Each cask is  a  celebration of the unique and contrasting appeals of
the different  Scotch  whisky regions  and this release covers five of the regions for
the first time.  Wemyss whiskies are each identified by their  natural taste and
aroma and this latest range comprises:

Driftwood” – a 15 year old from Bunnahabhain distillery, Islay
Wild Berry Spice” – a 25 year old from Miltonduff distillery, Speyside
Fresh Fruit Sorbet” – a 15 year old from Clynelish distillery, Highland
Strawberry Ganache” – a 21 year old from Glen Scotia distillery, Campbeltown
Lemon Sorbet” – a 14 year old from Auchentoshan distillery, Lowlands
Each cask has been  selected  by the Wemyss tasting panel,  under the watchful
eye of industry aficionado Charlie Maclean.    The recommended retail prices
range from  £55  to  £110  and these casks will be available in  selected retailers in
the UK, EU and key Asian markets.
This launch also introduces a  new  label  design and premium gift boxes for the
Wemyss single malt single cask range, designed to accentuate the hand-crafted
nature of these rare bottlings.

Look out for tasting notes of those Wemyss and OP expression on the blog very very soon!


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3 thoughts on “Whisky Newsflash Friday 27th

  1. Quote: ”
    Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky, known as The Maritime Malt, has released the third and final expression of an acclaimed series of single malts related to extraordinary.”
    Depending how you see it, the Spectrum is number four:
    1. WK499 Isabella Fortuna – 52% 2. WK499 Isabella Fortuna – 2nd Edition – 46% 3. WK209 Good Hope – 46% 4. WK217 Spectrum – 46%  

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