Whisky Guy Rob (Rob Gard) features Whisky Israel (and me)

robgardprofileLast week i got a very surprising email from Rob Gard, a writer and lover of whisky, he has been living whisky for the past years, and writing whisky for longer than I have even enjoyed whisky. Rob asked me if i am willing to be interviewed for his blog, which is now being resurrected (after a long time not being updated). I was really honoured by the suggestion and later that day we spoke on the phone, where he poses questions and I tell him about my whisky journey, how it all began, and we discuss the social media and me, blogging and how it has transformed the whisky world. Rob is a great guy, and it was a pleasure speaking to him and giving my 2 cents worth…

Since Rob is a great writer (both in style and in understanding whisky) i will let his words do the work, and stop here. Go on, and hop on to his blog and his lovely piece called: “Passion Connects Peat-Loving People”

I also urge you to read some of the other pieces he wrote this month, about Whisky Cast , and the latest about “Whisky Lassie” Johanne McInnis.

Happy reading, and happy dramming.


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