A Hanukkah dram : Kintra Whisky Glen Garioch 20 yo


The holiday of lights , A.K.A Hanukah is upon us and here in Israel and throughout the world we’re lighting 8 candles staring with one and adding another one each day for the next 8 days. it’s a lovely holiday, filled with light, Latkes, and Sufganiot (a form of doughnuts, with no hole in the middle, but injected with jam). Lovely times. Basically we’re celebrating winning a battle against the Greeks and their empire. No better holiday to match a nice doughnut with a lovely dram. and tonight we’re in for a very unique dram. the Kintra Glen Garioch (pronounce: G-eery, why don’t ask me.Gaelic is a weird language in terms of writing and pronouncing ). What strikes you first about this whisky is its colour, which is almost Green, yes.

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a green hue,which i find quite extraordinary. Let’s have a taste:

Glen Garioch , 20yo , 46,6% ABV , 96 btlGarioch

Colour : Amazing green tint, to this whisky. green yes!

nose: very delicate : vanilla, violets, some green tea (this is not just the colour eh?) a bit of ginger but not too harsh and cooked pears.

Palate: Rather oily mouth feel, with a ginger tang, peppery and even slight chilly , then off to more vanilla custard, and a green fruit ‘je ne sais quoi’. pretty surprising per the very light nose.

Finish: getting bitter and still spicy with fruit lingering on.

Happy Hanukka to all my friends. Dram on!

thanks to Erik for the official sample

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