Tasting Auchentoshan 12

auchie-logoAuchentoshan has been one distillery I’ve yet to post any notes about. Weird, but when I come to think of it, I’ve only tasted very few ‘Toshans in the last few years, and don’t really know why. To rectify this I went to the source, The “Toshan Man” A.K.A Mark Dermul, who is a very well known Auchentoshan fan and collector, who also has a very nice site and blot documenting his collections and Auchentoshan adventures. Mark is a very nice man, and I’ve managed to arrange a wee sample swap with him, so I can enrich my Auchentoshan experience and gain more information, and try some of their range. 10 little sample bottles filled with this lowland nectar arrived a few weeks ago, and this is the first tasting note , and more coming. So, expect quite a few ‘Tosham reviews in the coming weeks.


Auchentoshan 12 , 40% , £28

Nose: caramelized apples, oak and lemon tart, rather fresh.

Palate: Sweeter than the nose, with ginger candy, oak, raisins, tangerine and citron. Gentle on the palate with not a lot of body, but very drinkable.

Finish: medium. Nutty and semi sweet.

All in all this is a fine dram, but nothing to get all excited, It’s fresh, with some sherry notes, and lemon and citrus ouotlining. Nice for a summer evening here in Israel, or as an aperitif. Not very impressive, but again, as a young 40% entry level dram (it’s not the youngest, as they also releaser a ‘Classic’ NAS expression) it delivers. Pricing is fair, yet I think you can do better at that price range.

Score: 78/100

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5 thoughts on “Tasting Auchentoshan 12

    1. I agree. I’ve had it before. this one is entry level. as i wrote next note is on a new expresssion : the “valinch” which is cask strength version of the classic. that one is a cracker. wait for next week 😉

  1. This “Toshan” was included in a tasting led by Dominic Roskrow that I attended at the Madrid Whisky Live show. I still remember the nose having a strong strong Balsamic Vinegar base. Dominic said this Balsamic tone is especially prominent in young single malts. Quite surprising in a 12 y.o. whisky. 

    1. Those “balsamic” notes are usually found in heavily sherried drams, which is odd in this case, since this one does include some sherry but most i think is bourbon casks used in the vatting.
      try the Glendornach 15 and you’ll get what i mean.
      i got no balsamico here. but maybe because i let it rest? usually that balsamic goes away after a few minutes in the glass.

  2. Gal, the pleasure is all mine, sir. Thank you for taking on the Toshan journey. I hope it will be a pleasant one. (thanks also for the plug on the Toshan Man website, much appreciated).

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