Shackleton’s whisky meets the Iphone App.

repudo-logoWhisky and Smartphones , a great combo.

A lovely new PR campaign for the W&M Shackleton whisky. Usually I do not post PR stuff, but this one is way too cool to miss. What can be better than mixing whisky and social media, and this time with a great idea : The folks from W&M have hidden bottles of the Shackleton whisky in a few UK cities, which  can only be found via smartphone app Repudo. I never used this app, but when I read the news, i went and installed it, and it’s mega cool. instead of me telling you all this, here is a quote from the Press Release:

Reflecting the story of adventure behind the special edition Mackinlay’s – a recreation of the 100 year old whisky found near the South Pole at Shackleton’s 1907 camp – Whyte & Mackay are giving people the chance to discover a bottle in their own cities.

All people have to do is download the Repudo app to their Android/BlackBerry/iPhone device and then seek out the £100 bottle.macinlays-blend-biggest

The company is using the digital object service for the first time to drop 21 tags in 10 cities. The number 21 was picked to reflect the number of crew members involved the 1907 Nimrod voyage.

But only one of the Repudo tags in each city “contains” a bottle of the whisky. The rest are empty. But explorers will have a choice of picking up the empty ones – making it easier for everyone to find the real one – or leave them for others to find.

The Repudos will be rolling out on a week by week basis on the following timetable:

W/B Nov 14: Dublin, Belfast

W/B Nov 21: Glasgow, Edinburgh

W/B Nov 28: Cardiff, Leeds

W/B Dec 5: Southampton, Manchester

W/B Dec 12: London, Birmingham

Now this is Super Cool. i do hope this spreads out to more locations…

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