Tasting Laphroaig Cairdeas 2011 Ileach Edition

laphThis year’s Feis Ile edition is carries no age statement, and should be fairly young. I’ve tasted the 2009,2010 (see Shai’s excellent guest post about FI 2010) editions and quite liked them, and got a bottle. this year I chose not to as shipping became to much of a hassle. Gladly Johan of WhiskyBlogg.se was kind enough to send over a wee sample so i can see how this one fares.

So here we go:Laphroaig_Cairdeas_Bottle

Laphroaig Cairdeas ‘Ileach Edition’ 50.5%, OB, Feis Isle 2011, Bourbon casks

Nose : The obvious peat, soot and seaweedy goodness we are accustomed to in laphroaigs all behind a lovely fruity curtain : apples , pears and green grapes. Very nice nose and certainly not feeling the 50%+ abv.
Palate: liquorice , peat smoke , rubber and a bit bitter. Pepper too.
Finish : Bitter wood and malty notes on fire.

This is a nice dram, but IMHO not in par with recent year’s Feis Ile editions. It’s young, and fruity, but lacks complexity, and is not what one would expect from a special edition by Laphraoig.

Score: 81/100

Thanks to Johan for the sample

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  1. They say it’s an 8yo Laphroaig, i was about to get a bottle but i got 25yo Talisker instead, i think it was fair trade 🙂

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