More Wemyss : Red Berry Cream Single Cask vintage 1990

red-berry-frappe-recipesAfter the glorious “Whispering smoke” arrive at out 2nd single cask tasting note, this time a Highland single cask, distilled 1990. I’ve seen some sites pointing to the Ben Nevis distillery, yet the Wemyss site does not indicate which distillery is behind this one.

Very different than the w.some, this one is all about red fruits & berries, as the name suggests. Let’s dive in:Highland

Wemyss Malts “Red Berry Cream” Highlands single cask , vintage 1990,£75

Nose : The name is on the money ! Stewed red berries, cherry bubble-gum, apples and some white chocolate.
Palate : spices, vanilla and red fruit pie, with strawberry and red berries. Sprinkled with dried coconut shreds.
Finish: kirsch and wood. Cherry liquor Bon bons.

Bottom line
A very different animal. A unique profile. Will go great with a Chocolate fudge. I find it a bit to berry-ish for myself, but i can see people digging it, as it’s very unique.

Score: 86/100

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