Wemyss Malts Take III : Tasting the ‘Spice King’ 8yo

We come to the third and last Wemyss blended malts aged 8 years (the next ones i will be tasting will be single cask malts). This time with an emphasis on 8 year old Island malt. Until today the names were spot on, so i was expecting something spicy, and delicious. I was not disappointed… Dram on!


Wemyss ‘Spice King’ 8 yo, 40% ABV , £29

Nose: Spice (ginger,cinnamon), with some vanilla, pepper, also some sweeter notes of honey , ripe orange, and herbs.

Palate: spicy stuff, with lots of ginger, a bit of chilly, and earthy notes of bits of peat, a sweet middle layer of malty notes, comes through then the spice makes a comeback! and the 2nd wave of spice and chilly is even more powerful than the first round, Interesting layers interleaved.

Finish : Remains of peat, and dry chilli.

This is one spicy mama, and the spicy, not spicy(malty notes) then spicy again makes it even more interesting. It’s good stuff. I quite liked it. But beware, if you like sweeter malts with a lot of chocolate,vanilla and fudge, this one is not your cup of tea. On the other hand if you do value spice, pepper and chilly, interlaced with malt, then yes, you need to give this a try. Not bad, and well priced.

Score: 84/100

Again, Many thanks to Karen for the official sample.

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