Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Take III : William Larue Weller 2010 Release

This is third post featuring bottles from the B.Trace Antique collection bottle share organized by Sjoerd.

This baby is a wheated Bourbon, and as such offers a milder , yet rich Bourbon not as bity as the Rye, but very different from the standard Bourbon profile. It’s aged for 12 years, having been distilled in 1998, and aged on the fourth and ninth floors of Warehouses I and P of Buffalo trace.Bottled at CS of 63.3% it promises a lot. Let’s see what kind of treat we’re in for with this lovely dram



William Larue Weller (2010 Release) , 63.3 % ABV , £97

Colour: Beautiful amber.

Nose : cloves,  vanilla and  cinnamon spice with some  perfumed oak. Candy, maple and also some tobacco leaves.

Palate: Rich thick syrup,maple , some big coconut!! espresso , tobacco, sultanas , and spice. Hot. and very very complex. Wheat is great!

Finish: toffee, vanilla, moist oak.

Bottom line:

This is a Cracking dram. no less. the best I’ve had so far from the Buffalo Trace Antique collection. It’s well integrated, complex, sweet, and maple-y, without being much. It’s intensely good, and very elegant. Splendid stuff. Splendid. One word : Buy. especially in the US where it’s so much cheaper. I’d get a few of those to keep.

Score: 95/100


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