Tasting the Whyte & Mackay 13 and 19 year old

Whyte and Mackay

Yesterday I wrote about the W&M Google+ tasting session, which was lovely, but too fast for me to really dive into those two blends and really appreciate them. SO, I revisited them the day after for a complete tasting note session. It’s weird that I have not tasted those two prior to that tasting, since i really like the 22 year old (post coming soon) and think it’s Fab. Let’s see how its younger siblings do.

Whyte & Macakay 13 year old, 40% , £20(@Mom)whyte-and-mackay-13-year-old-whisky

13 year old is indeed a weird age for a blend. We usually find those aged 10 or 12. When asked about this, Richard Paterson, Master Blender of W&M , replied that after blending malts of at least 12 years old, the malts are then married for an additional year until they are 13 years old in the cask to further harmonise them, then they are bottled.

Nose: malt , mint , honey and warm sherry.

Palate : firm body with honey, sultanas , and big malty backbone, the grain is very noticeable.

Finish: Oak, sultanas and bitter chocolate.

Score: 83/100

Here’s Richard talking about this one:

W&M 13
Whyte & Macakay 19 year old, 40% , £35.(@Mom)whyte-and-mackay-19-year-old-whisky

This is a higher end blend, with a cork screw, now let’s see how this fares.

Nose : Lots of sherry influences,  sweet, honey , spices. More Pronounced than the 13 yet Same DNA. Very good nose.

Palate: Heavier sherry, grain sweetness and vanilla , chocolate up front , sultanas , honey liquor , nuts. Wee alcohol bite there.

Finish: Chocolate covered sultanas and cherries.

Good stuff.

Score: 84/100

W&M 19

Bottom line:

Those are two very good Blended whiskies, and certainly a lot of thought has been put into blending  and marrying the malts and grains. Both are very sherry dominated dram,don’t expect too much smoke or peat, so if that’s your preference you are in for a treat.



Many thanks to W&M for the official samples

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