Tasting Fettercairn 40 year old

Having not had a single dram in a week (due to throat issues and Antibiotics) i was looking at my old tasting notes, and found this one. in desperate need of publication…

A few months back (January 20th, to be more exact) i posted my notes on the Fettercairn ‘Fior’ which was a very good and enjoyable dram. I promised to review the entire range, and for some reason did not get to it. I chose to re-start the FC series of notes with the 40 year old, which i had the pleasure of tasting. Now 40 year olds are usually lovely whiskies if they are released at this age, and I was sure that if Richard Paterson Master blender at W&M who owns FetterCairn like this one, it can not be bad. But boy i was in for a surprise. Here goes:

Fettercairn 40 year old, 40% ABV, £740 (TWE)


Nose: I gave this one quite some time to relax in the glass, at 40 it needs the time… I was rewarded . The nose starts with old majestic sweetness. Chocolate, Blood oranges, Some musty old books too. Lovely.
Palate: Toffee, and Caramel , Oranges dipped in chocolate, pralines, wood, sultanas dipped in chocolate. Spice on the very end. WOW
Finish : Long – Wood,dark chocolate, dry.

Bottom line :

A Pity i don’t get to drink this sort of whisky more often. but for around 800 GBP for a bottle, I can’t bloody afford any 😉 A real treat. I’m a lucky guy to have been able to try a wee dram of this. Is it that good? Yes, it is. Is it worth the money? Hm… Either way it looks very sexy in that new packaging. and the nectar… oh the nectar…

A winner, anyways. a big LIKE!

Score: 92/100

many thanks to Jill of W&M for this exquisite sample.

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