Tasting The Benriach 12 yo

My first Benriach in the series. This 12 year old has won a few medals through the years (it’s right medals don’t say much about the whisky).  It’s a no frills 12 classic speysider, without any finishes or peat or anything. the good old way . So let’s give it a try.

The Benriach 12 yo,40% abv, £23


Nose: Starting off with a lot of vanilla, then continues with some floral, and malty notes, quite buttery, the wood is very nicely integrated. A bit of a citrusy edge to it, in the ending.
Palate: A great mouth feel, a bit oily, and mouth coating. a bit of spice (pepper, and cinnamon) than  oodles of malty notes, wood, marzipan and vanilla.
Finish : medium with malty, bitter wood, and sugar.

Bottom line: A solid Speysider, straight to the point, not overly complex, but well done, and very drinkable. a fine entry point to the Benriach line-up.

Score: 81/100

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