Would you pay €150 for A ‘snow phoenix’?

Snow Phoenix Bottle300

So, A snow phoenix for €150?

Yes, that could be the price (and much more) for such a bottle sold in Israel. As it happens, the Israeli Importer of Glenfiddich had been allocated 60 bottles for the entire country, 15 of which were broken on the way to Israel (talk about rough seas, eh?). So what does the importer do? He decides on auctioning all of the remaining 45 bottles. starting at €120, to the highest bidder. One small addition is that the winners of the auction will receive their bottle in an event hosted by the British ambassador in Tel Aviv.

So, what do you say about this idea?

I am not really liking this…. A bottle of Fiddich for that amount? I guess it’s only relevant for collector’s or really rich people that wouldn’t mind paying a €1000 for a bottle handed to them by the British ambassador. What i ask is what about us, mere mortals, whisky lovers, who enjoy whisky, and want a whisky at a reasonable price (ok, after the 200% customs we have to pay). Where do we come in?

Just wondering.

Now what do you think?

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9 thoughts on “Would you pay €150 for A ‘snow phoenix’?

  1. The Snow Phoenix really is just a $100 bottle, albeit with a nice story and interesting packaging. What if they release another batch at the end of the year? A lot of people will look really silly. 

  2. 15 bottles broken ? What, how ? the packaging is about the most robust ive ever seen (apart from Shackleston’s whisky which survived 100 years in the artic)… it’s 3 bottles per box.. each one in a metal tin, with foam padding.

    I paid £50 for mine and I have 20 in my personal stash.

    1. I have no idea how how, but this is what the Importer told me in person…
       £50 is a good price indeed…
      I’m going to the cocktail tonight where the ambassador will give the bottles to those who paid dearly. wonder how much they did.
      updates tomorrow.

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