Tasting Coal Ila 1995 bottled by A.D Rattray

Caol Ila is the biggest distillery on the isle of Islay, home of all things good and peaty. It’s one of the less hyped distilleries, although it is quite capable of creating great malts. I’ve tried their core range a few months ago (12,18,Natural Cask Strength) as well as the ‘Unpeated’ version. i am quite fond of the 12 year old as a daily dram when a little peat is due.19th-Caol-Ila-web

It’s no secret that i am finding myself less and less allured by pear, and most of the whiskies i am now tasting are not peated (or not heavily peated), but once in a few days, i do find myself longing for a little of that peaty delight (once a junky, always a junky), and i remembered having a wee sample of this one sent to me some months ago by Oliver.

This beauty was distilled in 1995 and bottled in 2009, which makes it 13 year of age , and was bottled from cask # 10035.only 591 such bottles were ever made.

Caol Ila, 1995/2009 Single Cask #10035,60.5% ABV , currently of out stock

Colour: Straw gold

Nose: Classic Caol Ila style : Lemon, Fruit, Smoke, and peat. Some turpentine and also sea breeze.

Palate: Starts sweeter, until the peat avalanche gets into high gear. Tons of peat, quite a lot of smoke, Bacon and spices.a lovely celebration of all things Islay!

Finish : Peat,bitter coffee, smoke, and burnt bacon.

Bottom line:

An utterly enjoyable Caol Ila. Much more complex than the 12 year old version, and a real treat for every Islay lover.I doubt you can get a bottle of this, since they are long gone, but in case you can, grab two, one for me Winking smile

Score: 89 / 100


4 thoughts on “Tasting Coal Ila 1995 bottled by A.D Rattray

  1. Nice post though I have a hard time agreeing with “home of all things good”, probably has to do with the fact that when I went there all charm I imagined about of the distillery disintegrated.

    It me a while to re-admit that Caol Ila do make good spirits. I do like the 18 and CS.
    I think I need to forget about the huge factory and try more expressions like this one.
    So this post helps me a bit in getting more objective towards Caol Ila.

    Nice going Gal 🙂

    1. Shai, you mis-read the sentence :
      ” isle of Islay, home of all things good and peaty”
      meaning Islay is the home of all things peaty, not Caol Ila dist… which is far from it.

      apart from it, i agree.

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